The 3 boot models you cannot miss this winter

We all have different kinds of plans and styles for the winter: adventurous, quiet, trips in the cold weather, trips in the warm weather… or styles that are more conservative, modern, daring or trendy…

Panama Jack would like you to not only have a pair of boots you really like, but also boots that are best adapted to the situations where you will be using them. This is why we have selected from our new collection 3 of our most versatile and modern looks. We hope this will help you in making the best decision!

For him:
1- Do you prefer a trendy style that is also suitable for trips to snowy or mountain locations – while keeping your feet always dry? Try the model Amur Goretex C10.

Bota piel Panama Jack

2- Or rather an urban Panama Jack model? Have a look then at the most elegant boot from the Aviator line, the Panama 03 Aviator.


3- Or rather an iconic and urban Panama Jack look? Go then for a basic style in vintage color, without doubt the Panama 03 C1 Vintage.


For her:

1- If you want both trendy and practical, we have the most genuine and best winter-suited blue boots: elegant, comfortable and completely lined with natural sheepskin. Simply the Panama 03 Igloo B8.


2- If you are looking for a practical, attractive and distinguished boot altogether, try our Piola B6.


3- If, apart from the already mentioned characteristics, you want to enjoy natural sheepskin lining – you must also have a look at the Singapur Igloo B1.


Or if you want to have a look at more models, we offer you 2 options: please go to our website or contact us!

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Boots with sheepskin inner lining – What does make them different?

In today’s post we would like to clearly and shortly explain the characteristics of natural sheepskin that we at Panama Jack use as the inner lining in some of our boots and shoes.

Botas de piel Panama Jack
It is the softest inner lining you can find. Besides, sheepskin keeps your feet at a constant temperature so that you do not suffer the cold while walking outdoors, nor the heat as soon as you enter a restaurant where the heating reaches its max.

Be prepared for the winter and beat the cold from the very beginning with a comfy pair of Panama Jack.

Botas de piel Panama Jack
Want to find out more about this inner lining? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will gladly help you further.

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5 recommendations in order to protect the Ozone layer

Do you know that, back in 1994, the General Assembly of the United Nations named the 16 September as the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer?


Since then, all member states are invited to use this day for the promotion of activities and events related to the preservation of the ozone layer.

Panama Jack would like to give you 5 tips so that you, too, can contribute to this day. And, most importantly, turn these actions into a lifestyle.

  • Avoid buying sprays:  Substitute your spray deodorant for a roll-on, or spray air freshener for scented candles.
  • Recycling paper, plastic, organic waste… is essential – and something we sometimes forget.
  • Use your car the least possible: Share your car for long trips, and use the subway, bus or even a bike when possible.
  • Use low-energy light bulbs: This kind of bulbs consume one fifth of the energy traditional bulbs need, and may be up to 8 times more durable.
  • Switch off the electronic devices you are not using: Be careful not to leave your computer on, and unplug the phone charger as soon as you are done charging your phone.

We can all together cooperate and protect our planet!

What does “Waterproof” mean?

You can find the Waterproof leather treatment in around 95% Panama Jack products. However, what does the “Waterproof” tag imply?

The Waterproof treatment hinders the entrance of water inside the shoe, therefore:

  • Does this mean that, if I go shoppinz or to a Café and there are light showers, my feet will not get wet? Exactly.
  • Does this mean that, if it is pouring down rain outside I cannot go outside anymore? No. However, if you stay out during strong showers, water may finally leek and make your feet wet.
  • Does this mean that I can go hiking in winter while stepping in ponds and water streams without worrying that my feet will get wet? No. The Waterproof leather treatment does not guarantee 100% waterproofing under any circumstances.

Basically the Waterproof leather treatment protects you again a moderate water level.

Should you have any related questions or want to find out more about the Waterproof treatment, do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly help you!

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International Literacy Day 2016

Like each year, the 8 September is International Literacy Day. Literacy is a basic human right necessary in order to make poverty history.


This initiative, created by UNO and UNESCO, tries to promote worldwide cooperation in order to facilitate access to this basic human right among those communities that may have literacy problems.

At Panama Jack we like to contribute to these kind of social actions. This is why, since 2002, we cooperate with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation in different projects.

Thanks to this cooperation, more than 8400 people in India have access to basic needs. From those, almost 800 people have been favoured by 2 literacy projects that we develop together with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation:

  • The construction of 2 schools that allow the education of 210 children (boys and girls), 144 women and 30 disabled people.
  • Support in schooling for children, with the acquisition of almost 400 bicycles, so that they can attend school daily without problems.

“The aim of books is inspiring and helping people understand and decipher their own heart”

Vicente FerreEDUCACION04-NAGAPPA-FVF-BLOG-08-09-16