International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty is observed every 17 October since it was declared in 1993 by the General Assembly of the United Nations.

The aim of the celebration is to promote greater social awareness in order to eradicate poverty, especially in developing countries.

On this day, we at Panama Jack want to show our support for and recognition of those around the world who suffer from inequality.


To do so, we have been collaborating with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation for more than ten years. During this time we have carried out the following projects:

Project Habitat: Construction of 268 homes, where currently more than 1,400 residents live.

Project Education:
– Construction of two schools that provide 210 boys and girls, 144 women, and 30 people with disabilities with access to education.
– Almost 400 bicycles have been donated to children whose journeys to school are long and treacherous.


Project Sanitation:
– 5,436 boys, girls, elderly persons and the severely disadvantaged are benefiting from the help of nutrition programmes.
– 62 health workers treat the sick ‘in situ’.

“Poverty is not only to be understood, but also to be solved”
Vicente Ferrer

Traveling with only a 5 Kg rucksack

If you like express backpacking trips we will give you some very practical tips for preparing your backpack in a matter of minutes.

1- The most important thing is that you wear the pieces of clothes taking more space, such as coat or hiking boots. So first, strong tie shoelaces of your Panama Jack boots!!


2- Wrap many basic T-shirts and underwear as days you will be traveling.

3- As for grooming, take only what is necessary. Nothing about shaving foam or a liter of colony.

4- Of course, do not forget all the necessary documents for the trip: airline tickets, passport, confirmation of booking room,…

5- If you are a real adventurer you will not need either computer, tablet, or GPS, so you can use this space to carry energy bars which could be very useful when you least expect it.

6- Finally, always carry a small first-aid kit with you for these trips that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Now you’re ready for any adventure.

What boots to buy if you’re a real adventurer biker girl

If you like the Natural Life & Style and also you are a lover of strong emotions, you are in the right place. Today we present the most biker Panama Jack boots which are essential for this autumn-winter: “Piola Boots”.

Panama Jack Piola B6

With them you will be leaving your grand trace on each of your adventures around the world. Its comfortable heel gives them a genuine and fighting touch for doing your steps never remain unnoticed.

Also, when you want to give an extra chic touch you can turn down the leg of the boot to leave the fur lining at sight.

Let nobody stop you on your way!

Waterproof Vs. GORE-TEX

Many friends ask us about the difference between these 2 characteristics: Waterproof and Goretex.

Today we would like to explain the details about these two in order to help you purchase and, most importantly, make the best decision regarding the best suitable pair for you.

Waterproof is a treatment that leather undergoes after which the leather remains impermeable.


The most remarked characteristic of this treatment is that it will repel the entrance of water inside the shoe.

“Waterproof” footwear is therefore advisable for regions where rain is moderate.

– With GORE-TEX technology you will be able to sing, dance or run under the rain without worrying about how long you are out or how heavy the rain falls down.


This excellent technology, totally breathable, does not allow a single drop of water to touch your socks. Never. You can even go hiking in winter, step in ponds or water streams, step in puddles or mud. Your feet will always be completely dry.

They are most practical in cities where rain is strong and you will need to walk a lot outside.

Have any related questions? The Panama Jack team will gladly help you choose the most suitable pair for you.

Customer Service 0034 96568 3635

The 3 boot models you cannot miss this winter

We all have different kinds of plans and styles for the winter: adventurous, quiet, trips in the cold weather, trips in the warm weather… or styles that are more conservative, modern, daring or trendy…

Panama Jack would like you to not only have a pair of boots you really like, but also boots that are best adapted to the situations where you will be using them. This is why we have selected from our new collection 3 of our most versatile and modern looks. We hope this will help you in making the best decision!

For him:
1- Do you prefer a trendy style that is also suitable for trips to snowy or mountain locations – while keeping your feet always dry? Try the model Amur Goretex C10.

Bota piel Panama Jack

2- Or rather an urban Panama Jack model? Have a look then at the most elegant boot from the Aviator line, the Panama 03 Aviator.


3- Or rather an iconic and urban Panama Jack look? Go then for a basic style in vintage color, without doubt the Panama 03 C1 Vintage.


For her:

1- If you want both trendy and practical, we have the most genuine and best winter-suited blue boots: elegant, comfortable and completely lined with natural sheepskin. Simply the Panama 03 Igloo B8.


2- If you are looking for a practical, attractive and distinguished boot altogether, try our Piola B6.


3- If, apart from the already mentioned characteristics, you want to enjoy natural sheepskin lining – you must also have a look at the Singapur Igloo B1.


Or if you want to have a look at more models, we offer you 2 options: please go to our website or contact us!

Customer Service
0034 96568 3635