Panama Jack: a Made in Spain benchmark brand

The complete dedication to body and soul, along with the enthusiasm and care with which we make each shoe, makes Panama Jack a benchmark brand in Spain.

But how do you maintain your status as a benchmark brand in your country?


To become a benchmark brand in your country, there’s a wide variety of influencing factors. We detail them below:

– Passion for what we do. We make a high-quality shoe with the same care, same dedication and same method as we did 27 years ago.

– We want to walk with you. From the moment you buy a pair of shoes from Panama Jack, we form a strong bond so that you remain satisfied at all times.

– Made in Spain. We have always opted for production to be 100% Made in Spain.

– We support equal opportunities and education. We have been cooperating with the Fundación Vicente Ferrer for more than 10 years, building schools, reservoirs and providing onsite medical aid, among other projects.

– We continuously improve our customer service. Our goal is to improve our service on a daily basis to give you the best deal possible.

Panama Jack is Made in Spain

Tell me what type of adventurer you are, and I’ll tell you which Panama Jacks are for you

There are many types of adventurers: those who explore every corner of big cities on a daily basis; those who look to extract the essence of small, rustic towns; some who travel solo, others accompanied; and there are those who prefer to immerse themselves in nature…

You can strap on the right boots for all types of plans – we have it all.

Now tell us, are you an urban or a countryside adventurer?

– “I’m an urban adventurer!”: If you’re more of a city type, you like to combine black leather leggings with blazers, and a foldover skirt with striped t-shirts to go for dinner in the chicest restaurant in London. If this sounds like you, then you won’t be able to resist the Singapur model from Panama Jack.


– “I’m a countryside adventurer!”: If you prefer a more country look, jeans with tops of all types, or a more bohemian chic, then have a look at the Cannes: you won’t be able to resist them!


City or country? This winter, let your most adventurous streak loose with your Panama Jacks.

Panama Kiss – be inspired!

Is there anything more beautiful than sharing experiences? At Panama Jack, we love seeing your photos on social media and your memories of unique, shared moments and one-of-a-kind adventures. That’s why we’ve started a contest that’s perfect for you!

Is there any better way to capture a moment than with a photo? This is your chance to win a pair of Panama Jacks for both you and whomever you choose.

The contest is called: “A guaranteed gift for your #PanamaKiss” and we would like to share with you some images so you can get inspired and participate.




Just grab a loved one (boyfriend/girlfriend, a friend, family member) and recreate your #PanamaKiss. It’s very easy to participate; simply select the option you like best:

– Follow this Facebook link

– Post your photo on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #PanamaKiss

– Send your photo to

The prize will be worth it! You’ll get two backpacks just for participating and if your photo is the winner, you’ll receive a pair of Panama Jacks for you and whomever you choose.

Best of luck, adventurers!

How to clean and take care of your boots

We’re going to explain two simple things that’ll help you always keep your Panama Jacks in good condition: Cleaning and treatment of your boots.


Panama Jack boots are made of leather. Therefore, you should ask yourself the following question: how do you wash the skin on your hands? Exactly: with soap and water!

Limpieza botas Panama Jack

If the boots are only a little dusty, it’ll be enough to just wipe them down with a wet cloth.

If, on the other hand, they are too dirty to clean with a wet cloth, never fear – run them under the tap and scrub them well with a brush, water and neutral soap.

Leave them to dry in a ventilated area where they are not exposed to direct sunlight.


Ask yourself the same question again: how do you take care of the skin on your hands? Exactly: you hydrate them!

The best thing you can apply to your boots to maintain them in tip-top shape is horse fat.

Keep the following tips in mind before applying horse fat to your boots:

  • Only use horse fat when your boots are well-used. Apply horse fat to your boots, only if the leather is well-used and worn.
  • The horse fat darkens the leather. If you grease your newly purchased boots, the result will be the same boot, but with a considerably darkened sheen.
  • Only grease your boots if they are completely clean. It wouldn’t occur to anyone to use moisturising cream on their hands without having washed them before, right? Well it’s exactly the same case with leather boots: apply the horse fat only once they’ve been cleaned.

If you have any questions or doubts, you can contact our customer service centre. We will be happy to help you.

Customer Service freephone number: 0 808 234 0352 Free Call Monday through  Thursday: 8:30h to 18:00h Friday: 8:30h to 14:30h.

Boots for going to the snow

Have you been to see the snow this year?

It’s the season to mount your skis on the car and spend the weekend in the snow. Whether or not you know how to ski, there’s no better plan:

  • If you know how to ski, you’ll enjoy a few days of relaxation, entertainment and exercise – things that are good for all of us.
  • If you don’t know how to ski, laughter is guaranteed! There’s always another friend in the group that doesn’t know how to ski, so never fear: go to the children’s slope and enjoy every fall – it doesn’t hurt that much!

Either way, when you take off your skis you’re going to need a good pair of boots that are both comfortable and will protect you from the cold.


We recommend that you try on any model in our Igloo line. All of them are lined with natural fur inside, keeping your feet warm and dry at all times.

For her:

– Panama 03 Igloo B8

– Singapur Igloo B3

– Bambina Igloo B1

For him:

– Panama 03 Aviator Igloo C9

– Glasgow Igloo C1

Let us know how it went when you come back! #CreatedToTravel

Your Panama Jack team